How to take greater control of the PROFITABILITY of your vegetable business and stop wasting time and money
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The issues facing vegetable business owners
Let's be honest, returning a profit from your time, money and effort is only getting more and more challenging in the current vegetable market – rising inputs costs, varying vegetable prices, labour challenges, tighter margins, the list goes on. 

All these factors add to the stress on you and your business – stress of returning a profit, the stress of the responsibility of those who depend upon you as well as the stress on your longer-term security that’s wrapped up in the growth of your business.
The way forward
There's a key saying by most successful business owners: 

'What gets measured, gets managed"

This is applied is by identifying, measuring and then managing the key focus areas that drive successful production and profitability. 

Now that's great but where do you start? What are the key performance metrics you need to truly 'zero in' on so you can see all the moving parts and make the right moves to drive your own profitability and longer term business wealth?

To help you with that, vegetableWA has teamed up with renowned WA based farm management consultants, Planfarm, to support you to make this work for you and your vegetable business with the independent Financial Review and Benchmarking Service.  
What's is the Financial Review and Benchmarking Service? 
Normally the level of support that is on offer would cost between an agriculture business between $6,000 to $10,000 in consultant fees but its FREE to you as levy and fee for service paying member of vegetablesWA. 

Included in what you will receive is:
  • A detailed independent and confidential Financial Review Report that is focused purely on the performance of your business against the key metrics for driving profitability and business growth  
  •  A detailed confidential Benchmarking Report that allows you to quickly compare your performance metrics against the industry averages and the averages of the Top 25% profitable growers in the state   
  •  A 90-minute 1 to 1 Business Consultation with a farm consultant to support you to turn report insights into tangible action to drive greater profitability in your business. 
Tell me more these reports - what's in them? 
While the Financial Review and Benchmarking report is comprehensive and packed full of financial and production insight, worry not, because it’s presented in a way that is easy to follow and doesn’t require a high level of financial business management knowledge. 

The information is presented to you both in visual graphs in case you want a quick snapshot view, as well as in detailed numerical tables for when you want to really dig into the detail.

The report provides you with two different levels of perspective:
  •  Internally through the Financial Review that focuses on the current performance and stability of your business. 
  •  Externally through the Benchmarking comparisons against the wider industry averages as well as against the averages of the Top 25% performing vegetable businesses.
The report has been designed to be a super valuable information asset to you the business owner. All the key ratios and smart business measures are contained within the report, providing you with the insight and knowledge to make the best decision for your business. 

The key areas of the report are:
I understand what a financial review is but what exactly is benchmarking? 
Benchmarking is a globally recognised business practise across every industry sector but one that has not previously been in place in the Australian vegetable industry until now. 

In essence, benchmarking is simply comparing your individual production and performance measures against the averages across the vegetable industry as well as the top performers.

In this way, it is possible for you to quickly identify the specific target areas that an individual grower can focus on to gain efficiencies, save costs and improve profitability. It also clearly quantifies what ‘good’ actually looks like.
Who sees my data when it comes to benchmark comparisons?  
ABSOLUTELY NO ONE!! - Confidentiality and anonymity of all participants is of paramount importance to the development of this key information asset for the WA vegetable industry.  

Only project staff directly employed on this service work with your data. No individual business data is shared with anyone else. Overall industry averages are obviously shared as part of the comparison but even this is only shared with participating growers not those who have chosen to sit on the sidelines and do nothing. 

What is more, all the benchmarking comparisons are calculated on a per hectare ratio basis. This is so we can compare all businesses, irrespective of scale, size, vegetable production and growing conditions.  

This way your confidentiality is maintained and all growers – regardless of size or scale – can be meaningfully compared. 
What sort of grower will benefit from this service?
  • Growers who recognise the challenges in the industry and are open to change to meet these challenges
  • Growers who want to proactively take control to improve profitability within their business and longer-term security
  • Growers who recognise they have more to learn and are open to further insight, advice and support to their business decision making 
  • Growers who have the motivation and aspire to high performance levels of execution and business outcomes
  • Growers who wish to work towards a thriving vegetable industry within WA  
All growers, regardless of size, scale or vegetable line will benefit from this service when you get involved!!
How do I get involved and what’s the time commitment? 
The process for participation has been specifically designed to be as straightforward as possible for you the grower so that it requires as little of your time as possible and doesn’t take you away from what needs to get done on your farm. 

Our goal is to lead you through a process that provides maximum business value for minimal time and effort on your part.

There are 6 simple steps in the process for you the participating grower:

1. Click the button below to tell us you want to get involved
2. Gather up your documents and information
3. Data Gather Session
4. Receive your Financial Review Report

These process is repeated with all the other participating growers during the 1st October to 1st March participation window. After this window we will calculate all the Industry averages as well as the averages of the Top 25% profitable performers.

5. Receive your Benchmark Report
6. 90-minute 1 to 1 Business Consultation session

Who will I be dealing with?  
vegetablesWA has partnered with renowned WA based farm management and agricultural benchmark specialists, Planfarm, to provide an independent Financial Review and Benchmarking service to all vegetable business owners in Western Australia. 

vegetablesWA brings 70 years of peak body experience representing the vegetable growers of Western Australia. In addition to the range of market, field and policy extension services, vegetablesWA has specific in house capability which has created this service to deliver the highest standards of business value to you the grower. 

Partners Planfarm are famed for successfully managing and delivering the industry renowned BankWest Planfarm Broadacre Benchmarks for the past 40 years. Based in WA, farm management specialists Planfarm have a strong historic track record of supporting and driving broadacre clients to maximise returns and securing long-term prosperity.  

The synergy of Planfarm’s farm management experience and vegetablesWA vegetable industry knowledge form the perfect partnership to serve vegetable business owners across Western Australia. 

How come it’s free – what’s the catch? 
No catch! vegetablesWA secured 3 years of funding for this initiative from both Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development and Horticulture Innovation Australia. 

vegetablesWA and Planfarm are committed to continuing the benchmarking service after the 3 years of funding and furthering the development of this key valuable information asset to all the vegetable growers of Western Australia.

Grower Testimonials  

Myalup Grower

The report and Business Consultation session were invaluable. I could immediately see where I’ve been losing money without realising and what I need to do to stop that!!"

Carnarvon Grower

“I’ll be honest, I was intimidated at first because my knowledge of numbers and finance is pretty average – it’s the wife’s job – but the guys and report made it real easy and I learnt a huge amount!!” 

Wanneroo Grower

“Having the whole family around the table to listen and talk about our results has forced us to focus on what’s really important in our business and helped us with a number of conversations we’ve been putting off for years” 

Gingin Grower

 “I always thought the answer to a problem was to work harder at it, but now I realise that that only makes the problem bigger particularly if I don’t understand what’s causing the problem in the first place” 

Manjimup Grower

"I, like so many growers, am more comfortable on tractor and in the field than spending time in spreadsheets and computers, but this [process, report and the Business Consultation session] made it all so easy to get my head around” 

Geraldton Grower

“I can’t believe it’s free, why isn’t everyone doing this???” 
Taking lessons from other growers 
Having worked with the super proactive growers in the first year of this service, we’ve listened to their feedback. 

All growers remarked how valuable and insightful this process is to truly understand how to drive greater levels of performance and profitability in their business.

Many stated how it cuts through any BS that’s floating around in assumptions and goes straight to the heart of business and its structure and management – it’s all laid bare for you to see the reality of your situation so you can take precise action towards clearer and specific outcomes.

Why wouldn’t you want some of that clarity and direction for yourself and your business?
Our commitment to you 
This is a totally confidential and anonymous service. It’s completely free to participate and you receive huge value in return. 

However, at any point you’re not comfortable - you can simply notify us of your intent to withdraw. At this point we will return and delete any information that you have provided and you’re free to no longer participate. 

No hard feelings – the door is always open for you to return!!  
Take action now!!  
The participation window for getting on board and receiving your Financial Review and Benchmarking Report and 90-minute 1 to 1 Business Consultation session runs between 1st October to 1st March

After 1st March 2019 we will no longer be taking on board any further growers until the next round commences in 1st October 2019 .

At this point we will be focused on calculating all the Industry averages as well as the averages of the Top 25% profitable performers and sharing this information only with those proactive growers who took action to get on board.
Our final message to you 
The vegetable industry is only getting tougher to operate in and accessing capital is only getting harder with the implementation of the Royal Commission into banking practises. 

Do yourself, your business, your family and your future a big favour and get on board. Learn how you can reap greater rewards for all the blood, sweat and tears you put into growing vegetables.

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This project has been part funded by the Department of Primary Industries & Regional Development and  Hort Innovation using the vegetable research and development levy and funds from the Australian Government. For more information on the fund and strategic levy investment visit horticulture .com .au
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